A Vocal Technique Master Class

*You Will Learn Proper Vocal Production.

*You Will Learn How to Access Your “Mix.”

*You Will Learn How to Place Your Voice for Singing in Various Vocal Styles.

*We Will Work on Your Individual Repertoire.

*One-on-One in Addition to Group Instruction.

*There Are 8 Evening Sessions.

*This Class is Limited to 15 Students.

The class begins with group instruction dealing with proper breathing, head voice warm-up and lower register warm-up and vocal exercises to help in accessing each student’s “mix.”

This is followed by individual assessment of each student with suggestions on what to do to improve.

Each student will learn the melody of a song, analyze its lyrics and be guided to understand the emotional content, learning how to connect with the emotion needed to successfully perform each piece. Each student will have time to work individually on their song, in sections and in front of the class.

The learning happens from seeing how others adapt to their individual vocal lessons as well as in discussions of how to connect with the lyric emotionally.

The final of the course will be a presentation by each of the students in front of the entire class.